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Project documents - Bench PA


► Transnational Benchmarking and benchlearning Guide - IT version


Transnational Benchmarking and benchlearning Guide - DE version




Annex I - Administrative and legislative system


Annex II - Pannel contributions


Annex III - Tri-language Glossary




► Description of the differences and similarities there are between the Austrian and Italian regulations, administrative systems and rules concerning the municipalities’ provision of services




► End user manual - IT version


End user manual - DE version




Manuali software

Documents available for the partners, RCO, and MA in the project web-platform (http://www.benchpa.eu/benchpa/private/index.jsp). For further information please contact ForSer – doct. Milena Grion. direzione@forser.it



► Software BenchPA


Use the following login and password to see the “demo version of the SW:

Website: http://www.benchpa.eu/demo_software 

Username: guest

Password: demo_guest

The access to the SW is managed by the system administrators. For further information please contact ForSer – doct. Milena Grion direzione@forser.it


► Report of the Panel session (6th September 2013) and Final Conference (11th October 2013)