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Development of a benchmarking and benchlearning process among local public administrations in Carinthia and Italy


The project aims to improve the processes involved in public administration’s provision of specific services in both Italy and Austria, allowing for a comparison of the local administrative structures in the two countries within a cross-border context of the regions involved.


The project aims to:

  • Improve knowledge of the respective administrative, citizen and business service management systems in Austria and Italy, narrowing the administrative and cultural border divide
  • Allow for comparison and dissemination of best practices at cross-border level.
  • Facilitate improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of services delivered to citizens and business actors/enterprises.
  • Foster cross border cooperation among municipalities with a view to achieving more effective services management and encouraging the same standards.


The general objective is to develop shared models, approaches and tools to evaluate and compare the quality and the efficiency of services delivered by local public administrations and to evaluate customer satisfaction.

The project aims as a first step to investigate and document the processes involved in public administration’s provision of specific services in the FVG, Veneto and Carinthia regions, allowing for a comparison of the local administrative structures and taking into account the competencies at different levels of responsibilty.

The general objective is pursued through a comparative analysis of the different legislative, administrative and management systems at national level and specific investigation of the selected services at local level.


  • Define an Austria – Italy comparative grid of the management, regulatory and administrative systems of local public administrations in the FVG, Veneto and Carinthia regions.
  • Set up and test a shared model and methodology in order to identify good practices and measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the services delivered to citizens and businesses.
  • Foster knowledge processes based on the comparison and evaluation of activities carried out within local public administrations.



  • Shared/Common methodology to measure and compare the specific services provided by municipalities to assess customer satisfaction.
  • Creation and documentation of a body of knowledge on the differences and similarities of administrative, legal, organisational and management regulations and systems involved in the provision of local administration services in Austria and Italy.
  • Compilation of a trilingual glossary (German-Italian-English) of the most important terms used in cross-border administrative processes.
  • Implementation of the model and methodology in participating municipalities.
  • Definition of best practices and success factors related to effective and efficient delivery of services.
  • Workshops for public officials to implement bench learning processes


  • Improvement of performance and efficiency and continuous change in the local public administrations produced by the development and implementation of the shared benchmarking and bench-learning processes.
  • Better understanding of the opportunities and challenges involved in local administration service provision in a cross-border context.
  • Increased and improved institutional co-operation among regional and local stakeholders in the cross-border regions involved in the project.


  • Better quality of life in the local cross-border communities and businesses achieved through enhanced and better delivery of services.
  • Improved efficiency and ability to act as engines for local development and the well-being of cross-border communities.
  • Development of a European citizen culture both in civil servants and citizens






University of Udine – Faculty of Law

Fachhochschule Kärnten

Regional Branch of the National Association of Municipalities (ANCI FVG)

University of Padova – The "Giorgio Lago"Interdepartmental centre for research and services


Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia – Central Department of Local self-governments and public administration reform management Veneto Region – Department of Local authorities

Municipality of Tolmezzo

Municipality of Tarvisio

Municipality of Tavagnacco

Municipalities Association of Carinthia

Municipality of Klagenfurt

Municipality of Dellach

Municipality of Auronzo

Municipality of Comelico Superiore

Government of Carinthia, Department 3 - Municipalities

Municipality of Sappada


START: 01.10.2010

END: 30.11.2013