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Centro Interdipartimentale di ricerca e servizi “Giorgio Lago”

Via Martiri della Libertà, 8 – 35100 Padova
contatto dott.ssa Cristina Busatto
Tel. + 39 (049) 8271907 e-mail: cristina.busatto@unipd.it
Website: www.centrogiorgiolago.unipd.it


The Inter-department Centre “Giorgio Lago” for research and services of Padua University is sustained by four University Departments: Economic Sciences, History, Sociology and Historical and Political Studies.


The activities promoted by the Centre are based on the assumption that networking can generate integrated development strategies, entailing structural change and modernisation of the territory.


Information, learning and knowledge are of key importance for such a process. In fact, one of the main long-term projects sustained by the Centre is the Programme Poli.S.Doc http://polisdoc.cab.unipd.it/, which provides a virtual space for data/information collection and experience exchange on issues related to glocal development policies, and involves numerous public and private entities operating in the Region and beyond its borders.


The Centre sets the following operational objectives:

  • to promote and sustain studies and research on the issues concerning economy and society of the Italian North-East macro-region;
  • to assist and develop training and education programmes with particular attention to both public administrations and private entities operating in the macro-region;
  • to favour coordination of activities with centres which have similar priorities and objectives.