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ANCI Friuli Venezia Giulia

Piazza XX Settembre 2 - 33100 Udine - Italia

Phone: +39 (0432) 21374 - Fax: +39 (0432) 507213 - E-mail: info@anci.fvg.it

Website: www.anci.fvg.it


ANCI - National Association of Italian Municipalities - Friuli Venezia Giulia branch, located in Udine, was set up in the 70s in Trieste and groups the 218 Municipalities of the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia.

A not-for-profit regional association, ANCI fvg has its characteristics defined in its statute: responsibility towards the communities administered; unity for the protection and development of municipal communities against Regional Administrations, other Public Administrations, European Community bodies, Committee of the Regions and any other institutional organisations in charge for public functions at local level.


The written rules of ANCI and its day-to-day activities reflect these principles.In particular it deals and promotes relationships with the Council of the Local Authorities aiming at the development of proposals concerning the Local Governments; promotes studies on the matter; informs, provides consultancy and assistance to its members; takes part to the collective bargaining in Local Governments; promote initiatives for expanding the knowledge on Public Local Authorities, the civic education, the active citizenship; supports and coordinates the international relations of its members and their activities in the international cooperation.

In order to extend the participation of its associated organizations, ANCI promotes provincial and inter-municipal initiatives and trainings for the Local Public Administrations staff.