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The Veneto Region's Bench PA partners meet

On the 29th of November it was Veneto's turn to talk about the Bench-PA project.

Not all partners from Veneto were able to take part in the Project Partner Board meeting held on the 9th November in Pasian di Prato. So, the Regional Administration decided to organise a meeting with all those unable to attend with the aim to “outline the work breakdown structure, timelines and roles and responsibilities of partners” Maurizio Gasparin, Regional Manager, pointed out.

Mr. Gasparin further highlighted the fact that local administrations have an important role in the project. They must actively take part in the development stage of the project during which they will offer their own valuable experience and also have added support and guidance from experts. Beyond the project’s lifetime they must also become “leaders of change” and offer an approach that becomes a tool that can be used to measure services provided in the future.

The Mayor of Sappada welcomed the representatives from the Region, the University of Padua, and the Municipalities of Auronzo and Comelico Superiore at the Sappada’sTown Hall.