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Bench-PA final conference: interesting prospects for the future

After three working years, the project Interreg Italy/Austria "Bench-PA" ended with a participated final conference held in Udine. The project involved thirteen Municipalities of Carinthia, Veneto Region and Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, including the same Udine, Tolmezzo, Tavagnacco and Tarvisio.



Together with the mayor Furio Honsel, the President of ANCI FVG, Mr Mario Pezzetta, did the honours. ANCI FVG, with the University of Udine, supported the ForSer team, lead partner of the project. The President himself, Mr Pezzetta, also closed the afternoon works, together with the Regional Councillor, Mr Francesco Peroni, who, among his mandates, that of coordinate the Regional strategies in EU matters.


The representatives of the partners from Carinthia, Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, had the opportunity to present the results achieved by the project which has been able to develop and apply a model of benchmarking and bench learning as a tool of evaluation and learning for the local Public Administrations about the quality of the services delivered to the citizens in a regional, trans-regional and cross-border context. The services analysed are of impact and of concrete interest: among them the street lighting, the waste collection, the canteen service in the primary schools.


The President of the 5th Commission, Mr Vincenzo Martines, closed the morning's works highlighting the importance not only of the operational tools developed, but also of the cultural ones. Indeed, the process of reforms that will affect the local Public Administration of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region will have to be supported by a strong action of sensitization, involvement and confrontation with the local territories and by tools which allow to measure and evaluate whether the change is going in the hoped direction.


The imprimatur on the quality of the work done was then granted by a panel of national and international experts who have followed one another on the stage and on video conferencing from Brussels and Strasbourg, confirming that Bench-PA has been able to develop a benchmarking model and an IT tool –web based- for the evaluation of the quality of the services provided by the local Public Administrations, which can concretely allow the comparison, at various levels, of the services provided: the IT tool and the model will now be put available to the three Regional Administrations involved and to the whole PA system, for their possible use in the territory.


The final conference represented also an opportunity for the representatives of the Administrations of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto and Carinthia, project partners, to confront on the future challenges for the local Public Administrations that may come from the new EU programming 2014/2020, starting by the possibility to intervene on the organization and on the sustainable quality of the services provided to citizens
at local level.



The President, Mr Pezzetta, who also presented the special number of the Bench-PA journal The New Municipality, published by ANCI FVG for the occasion, took the opportunity to reiterate the interest of the Municipalities of the Region towards the perspectives that the resources of the new EU programming can open, in a season that will be characterized by the most extensive reform program of the local Public Administration in Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. 

Download the presentations of the Final Conference 


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