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The second PSG meeting in Villach


The second meeting for the Bench-PA PSG will be held on the 21st December, 2010.
Fachhochschule Kärntenwill be hosting the last meeting of the year. The 5 operational partners will be meeting to discuss and approve the “Operational Manual” which has been developed by ForSer. In addition, the Communication plan, which is the first deliverable foreseen in the Bench-PA project, will be presented.


This meeting will be preceded by a technical meeting between partners involved in WP2 and responsible for defining the model foreseen in WP3. The University of Padova, University of Udine and Fachhochschule Kärnten are the partners that will be taking part in this meeting. Fachhochschule Kärnten is responsible for the coordination of the activities foreseen in these work packages until February 2011